‘Thanks’ for nothing

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you gather with family and friends to eat until you’re so stuffed the only thing you can do is nap. Everyone is staying warm by the fire and enjoying themselves while watching the Thanksgiving games. However, that’s not the scenario for retail employees — […]

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NFL Midseason Power Rankings

Sadly, we’re at the halfway mark in the NFL. Only 90 days till Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona. Certainly many Super Bowl picks have been changed with many teams not performing to their set expectations in the preseason. Here’s where every team sits in my book. 1. Arizona Cardinals (7-1) These guys aren’t winning in […]

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Life is Precious

I haven’t taken the time to really think about a few things. Am I really sure about my major? Where do I want to move to start the rest of my life when I graduate? What am I going to do about a job? How many kids do I want? Will I make enough to […]

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Destiny Beta Impressions

I was able to participate in the PS3 and Xbox One betas this past week and I have some thoughts about it. Just like what you’ve been thinking, they’re mostly all positive. Destiny will be an amazing game. The beta was just enough to give me a real reaction to the full game to come, but […]

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